Secured Financing via High-Tech Applications

low latency network

ITS has a clear understanding of the challenges businesses face. The financial sector, in particular, must shoulder the burden of setting up secure and sophisticated technology frameworks. ITS helps you meet these demands with ease. Some of the key advantages of hiring us for the financial market include:

Improved messaging rates and market data flows from single or multiple portals

  • Reduce the investment cost of low latency applications
  • Leverage existing infrastructures and consolidate servers to prevent loss
  • Work in real time to collaborate with stock exchangers and data aggregators
  • Enjoy smooth transmission speeds of 150 to 500 milliseconds

Designed to Make Business Move

ultra fast low latency network

Whether you’re a new startup or a longstanding business, you know that even split second delays in telecom services hit you where it hurts the most – in the wallet. As consumers demand instant gratification and seamless transactions, it takes just a few hiccups to get prospective leads moving on to greener pastures.

ITS helps ensure that the low latency network design is working optimally at all times and organizations benefit from elevated customer retention.

Designing Latency: How It’s Done

ITS utilizes the lowest latency networks and the shortest fiber routes in the world. To optimize even further, our agents pair dark fiber and lit service connectivity.

Establishing a Virtual Trading Route

ITS take a holistic approach to setting up the framework in order to ensure minimal disruptions to the business. Our well-versed engineers research the following prior to completing an initial design:

  • Computing
  • Data and Application Virtualization
  • Latency Monitoring
  • Multicast
  • Storage
  • Thin Client
  • Trading Resiliency and Mobility
  • Ultra-Low Latency Messaging

Grow with Low Latencies and Extra Fast Networks

Our services are ideal for companies who move heavy volumes of data every day. From concept to design and the final installation, ITS runs the gamut as a planner, auditor, designer, and developer by partnering with authorities in the market.

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